Izzy's, Sebastian Joe's, Dairy Queen, and more: Who makes the best root beer float?

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DQ root beer float
Lisa Gulya
Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen didn't advertise root beer floats, but we got a small for $3.10. It was what you would expect from DQ--the classic swirl on the soft serve was pretty, but both the ice cream and the root beer (of unknown origin) were sickeningly sweet. The proportions were also out of whack, since we ran out of root beer long before we had finished the ice cream. The good news? Soft serve doesn't dissolve as quickly as ordinary ice cream, so there's not the usual aftermath of frothy, flat, watered-down root beer.

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Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe

2034 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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