Surly beer ice cream at Sebastian Joe's: Here's the scoop

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Forget Guinness. Sebastian Joe's is making ice cream out of Surly instead.

Don't expect to get a buzz from Surly Bender ice cream. Sebastian Joe's debuted the flavor last spring, and the company cooks off the alcohol right at the start.

Co-owner Mike Pellizzer said the flavor has both lovers and haters, but fans are buying it by the pint.

Pellizzer took six or seven passes at the recipe before he felt he had it right.

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Michelle Bruch
A dash of honey and chocolate go into Surly ice cream.

The recipe includes an "undetectable" hint of chocolate and a little bit of honey to mellow out the beer flavor. The spices don't disguise the taste of Surly Bender, so if you're not a fan of the beer you probably won't like the ice cream either. It's a swig of Surly with a creamy finish.
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Michelle Bruch
An ice cream "Bender"

Perhaps you've heard of beer-flavored ice cream before. Guinness, for example, is a popular choice to blend into ice cream. Pellizzer thinks Guinness is a little too strong and unique to mix well, so he tried something different.

"I'm a fan of Surly beer," he said. "If I'm going to make beer ice cream, I'm going to make it with Surly."

Sebastian Joe's isn't the first shop to make ice cream with Surly.

The Pumphouse Creamery
made it a couple of summers ago, at a time when Surly was gaining popularity. Owner Barb Zapzalka scooped Surly Bender and Surly Furious at 48th and Chicago.

"Some places will boil it to burn off the alcohol, but I don't," she says. "I leave the beer right in it."

Keep an eye out for her favorite beer-flavored ice cream, made from a dark Brau Brothers brew out of Lucan, Minnesota

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