Best ice cream shops in the Twin Cities

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This Sunday, July 18, marks National Ice Cream Day, during which we plan to give thanks for the breadth and depth of our outstanding independent ice cream shops with a few local licks. All the Twin Cities' standard-bearers use premium ingredients (often local and organic) and have a creative assortment of flavors. Here are our top 5 scoop shops and recommendations on what flavors to order:

Grand Ole Creamery storefront.jpg
The Grand Avenue storefront opened in 1984.

5. Grand Ole CreameryThe most old-fashioned of our local scoop shops, this 20-plus-year vet often has lines out the door that stretch down the block. One of our favorites that's worth the wait: Birthday Cake, with fluffy hunks of angel food and colorful candy bits.

Jessica Chapman
Gray is the hue of a cookie-rich scoop at Sebastian Joe's.
4. Sebastian Joe's
There are other flavors in the Sebastian Joe's case, sure, but every time we set foot in the place, our vision narrows, our ears start ringing, and we hone in on the Oreo, a blend that happily seems to contain more cookies than ice cream. Better yet: Get a Brr Bar, which is Oreo ice cream dipped in dark chocolate.

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Crema Cafe

3403 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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