Chick-fil-A offers free lunch today--if you dress like a cow

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Fast food chicken franchise Chick-fil-A has declared July 9th Cow Appreciation Day, which means that anyone who shows up at one of their restaurants can get a free lunch. Here's the catch: you have to be dressed as a cow. According to the official rules, full-body cow--head-to-toe spots, snouts, and ears--will get you a full meal and partial cow attire, like a mask or vest, will get you a free entree.

Apparently more than 250,000 actually dressed as cows and received the free meal last year. Wow. Chick-fil-A has two MN locations, one near the U of M, the other in Mankato. If you head over to either, send us a pic and we'll add it to the post!

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