Loring Pasta Bar's fruit punch packs a punch

Deceptively strong.

Aly's fruit punch

Loring Pasta Bar

327 14th Ave. S.E., Minneapolis

Nothing says summer like a fruity drink, and it doesn't get any fruitier than this. Reminiscent of the drinks we made as teenagers, raiding the parent's liquor cabinet and mixing a little of everything together, so goes Aly's fruit punch. Made with three kinds of vodka: Absolut Citron, Mandarin, and pear, with a bit of soda water, cranberry juice, and Sprite, this is Hawaiian Punch for adults--sweet yet strong. The three flavors of vodka work harmoniously together creating a medley of citrus and pome, while the soda and juice just pretend to mellow things out. Although the atmosphere at the Loring Pasta Bar is much more bistro than beach, it is still a good ol' time to sit on the sidewalk and summer it up with this juicy extravaganza.

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Loring Pasta Bar

327 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN

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