Morey's of Motley: Great seafood where you least expect it

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Morey's of Motley
Fresh seafood in Minnesota has always been an oxymoron of sorts. For the state farthest from both oceans, how is that possible? To people driving through Motley on their way to Brainerd, this must have seemed even more of a reach--fresh seafood in Motley? But a quick stop at Morey's Seafood brings the doubter to enlightenment. Yes, Virginia, there is fresh seafood in northern Minnesota.

Morey's Seafood is just under two hours north of the Twin Cities, and while not worth a special trip, anyone heading up north will be rewarded for stopping in. Not only do they have fresh seafood, priced appropriately, flown in to Golden Valley and then trucked up each day, but they freely offer lots of samples. Think of it as a quick tapas stop.


Fresh fish
1. All the fresh fish in their window has never been frozen.

Morey's smoked fish
2. They smoke all of their own fish on site and it tastes amazing. The fish (salmon, lake trout, white fish and others) has lots of smokey flavor while retaining lots of moisture.

3. Morey's has a great selection of unusual items from alligator meat to frog legs.

alligator meat?
4. It's prices are competitive with metro grocery stores and seafood shops.

5. They have a lot of premixed salads and prepared foods for those truly on vacation.

salmon, never frozen

Stop in, have some samples and get some fresh salmon all in Motley.

Morey's Seafood Markets
Hwy 10 South
Motley, MN 56466
(218) 352-2110
(800) 548-9630

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