Rachael Ray thinks Lily's Bloom macaroons are yummers!

Worthy of national media attention? Hot Dish puts 'em to the test.
Rachael Ray thinks Lily's Bloom macaroons are, well, "Yummers!" So much so that she featured them as the "snack of the day" on this afternoon's show. The cookies are made by Larry Shiller, who launched his Minneapolis confection company in 2009 using a recipe from his mother, Lilyan Bloom Shiller, and are sold locally at Byerly's, Kowalski's and other boutique shops such as Golden Fig.

Shiller's company sent Hot Dish a sampler box of plain (Schokinag chocolate, flaked coconut, Gahara vanilla bean extract), cherry, and orange (same thing, except with bits of fruit and natural fruit extract) macaroons and we gave 'em a try to see how our tastes compared to those of the bubbly, television foodlebrity.

The verdict? We liked the plain chocolate macaroons, but the fruit flavored ones were a little off. (Admittedly, fruit-chocolate combos can be hard to pull off.) So are they worthy of airplay on national television? Eh...If you know you like macaroons--we can't quite get past the way the coconut flake always seems dry--pick up a box, but, if not, we think there are several better local chocolates or and confections.

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