Spelling BeeBQ at Turf mixes spelling and M-E-A-T

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Photo by Nikki Miller
C-A-S-E-R-O-L-E. Oops!

Eating good barbeque is fun. Showing off your spelling prowess on a stage is even more fun--that is, if you're a geek who watches the Scripps Bee as religiously as the Super Bowl (or an even bigger geek who is already arguing that the word in the first sentence should read B-A-R-B-E-C-U-E).

Last night at the Turf Club, we checked out the second ever Spelling BeeBQ, where we were promised tasty BBQ served alongside a good old-fashioned spelling bee, with free drinks going to the winner.

Photo by Nikki Miller
The pulled pork sandwiches (and vegan sloppy Joes) were tasty and served with homemade BBQ sauce, with made-from-scratch coleslaw on the side. Even better? No cover and $2 High Life Tallboys. Before it even began, we were already having more fun than at our third-grade bee, where we sat hungry, thirsty, and desirous of pulled meats.

Photo by Nikki Miller

Hot Dish walked away the winner, though we can't recall on what word, food comatose as we were after filling up on so much barbecue/barbeque/BBQ. Grab a dictionary, ascertain what is the accepted spelling of this style of cooked meat, and hit up the next Spelling BeeBQ, which will be held every other Monday night, with food served around 7 and bee sign-up at 8:30.

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Turf Club

1601 University Ave. W., St. Paul, MN

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