St. Anthony's Top 5 restaurants for food and fireworks

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​Minneapolis's Red, White, and Boom fireworks take place this Sunday, July 4, at 10 p.m. over the Mississippi River right between St. Anthony Main, the Stone Arch Bridge, and the Guthrie Theater. Here are our suggestions for where to eat before the big display on the Northeast bank. (Also, re-use this info July 24 when the post-Aquatennial Target Fireworks display takes place in roughly the same spot.)

We're guessing that everything in St. Anthony Main is going to be mobbed--though if you dare fight the crowds, check out the new Aster Cafe or the great beer list at Pracna--and would suggest heading to Hennepin Ave. instead.

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5 & 4. Pizza at Punch or Pizza Nea
Kramarczuk serves a killer sausage, but they're only open till 8. Surdyk's sells gelato by the scoop, but they close at 9. Fortunately, there are two great options for Neapolitan style pizza within a block of  each other: Pizza Nea (open till 9:30 on Sunday) and Punch (till 10). Asking us which one we like better would be like asking us to name our favorite child, so we'll leave you with two options, and, well, you can flip a coin.

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Brasa Rotisserie

777 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN

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