20.21's Hemingway--drink of the week

Michelle Leon
Hemingway cocktail

1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis


With a bit of outdoor sipping time left this season, make sure you don't miss having a nip at the recently opened patio at 20.21 in the Walker. With a stunning view of downtown and a clean, modern vibe, it is sure to be another item on your list of reasons you love Minneapolis.

The Hemingway is one big reason. It's a takeoff on the rum-based Hemingway Daiquiri, perfectly chilled without being icy, even toward the end--not an easy accomplishment with a drink served up. It's made with the simple combination of Ketel One, grapefruit juice, and lime. Grapefruit often needs sweetness to balance it, and the sweet lime was a simple counterbalance. The freshness of the ingredients was evident, creating cocktail loveliness.

A stunning view of the city, an expertly prepared drink, and a few more summer breezes mean life is good, and it's made even better with 20.21's bar and lounge menu, featuring a three-course Asian fusion tasting menu for $20.21 a person, Tuesday through Saturday. 

Location Info

20.21 Restaurant And Bar - CLOSED

1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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