Bar La Grassa named a Top 10 New Restaurant by Bon Appetit

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Steve Neuharth
Bar La Grassa brings home top honors from Bon Appetit
​You can add this national honor to the many accolades Bar La Grassa has received since opening  last year: Bon Appetit has named BLG one of the Top Ten New Restaurants in its September 2010 issue. The Hot Dish spoke with Bon Appetit Restaurant Editor, Andrew Knowlton, who explained the decision.

"We have always liked Isaac Becker's cooking, having been to 112 Eatery several times, so when he opened La Grassa it was definitely on our radar. The restaurant is perfect for the time and place for what American diners want: a focus on pastas, which bring the comfort-food appeal, in an atmosphere that is accessible and fun to go to. It is just fun and loud--very much so at the giant pasta bar where I sat. But most importantly, they have the confidence to know that you can be lively and not sacrifice the flavor or the quality--the food, made with great ingredients, is still the most important element.

Where La Grassa stands out is the way they hit so many marks: You can go here on a date,  or with your kids, but it is also where you want to go to celebrate an anniversary. And the food is just great--they hit it on the head. This is the perfect restaurant, at the perfect time, and just what people want."

Bar La Grassa
800 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis

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Bar La Grassa

800 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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