Bradstreet's Bradstreet Cocktail is a lesson in mixology

The Bradstreet Cocktail--it's not just a drink, it's an arts-and-crafts project
Bradstreet Cocktail

Bradsteet Crafthouse
601 N. 1st Ave., Minneapolis, 612.312.1821

At Bradstreet they take drink-making very seriously. With five types of ice, house-made syrups and bitters, and drinks mixed so precisely that they measure some ingredients with eyedroppers. In this dimly lit den of heavenly spirits, we had to find out what their namesake cocktail would taste like.

The Bradstreet Cocktail is made with Jim Beam, jasmine syrup, egg whites, and its signature bitters containing jasmine, ginger, and secret ingredients. The result is a complex and balanced cocktail, starting with lovely floral scents, accompanied by herbal flavors--a regular botanical potpourri--and the bourbon root of the drink bringing warmth and depth. The egg whites, we were told, are used to cut the sharpness of the spirits, carry the alcohol, and  create a soft mouthfeel. We were also told that bitters were used in drinks in olden times not only for flavor but also because the glycerol alcohol they contain was cheaper than spirits. So you have a fantastic cocktail, in a dreamy atmosphere, with a mixology lesson to boot. A full-on win.

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Bradstreet Craftshouse - CLOSED

601 First Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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