A great chicken salad--without mayo

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Chicken salad without the mayo
There's a lot of talk about food revolution these days. There was a TV show about it, Oprah is all over it, and the movie Food Inc. may well start it. If you've seen the movie, you'd agree we are in need of something, certainly. Well, if you're going to make chicken salad anytime soon, try this one. It doesn't have any mayo in it, so it's safe and lower in fat. Not that fat is all bad; this one just has olive oil, which is the best of the fats, apparently.

Get 3 handfuls of chicken, whether left over from a barbecue or from a rotisserie chicken at a store, chop it into bite size pieces, and put it in a bowl.

1 handful chopped onion

Chicken salad with pea pods

1 handful chopped pea pods (you can use celery if you want a more traditional flavor)
3 spoonfuls olive oil
3 spoonfuls apple cider vinegar
juice of 1/2 lime
and some salt and pepper, just a couple sprinkles.

Mix it all together and serve over lettuce or on a sandwich. You won't miss the mayo, promise.

Cook well, and look out for the revolutionaries.

Food revolutionaries unite

Rob Barrett

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