Cruz'n Cafe rolls into downtown

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Michelle Bruch
Cruz'n Cafe is the mall's newest coffee stop.
Staff at the Cruz'n Café street cart are working long hours outside Central Library, pouring coffee early in the morning and serving pulled-pork sandwiches at night.

You might have seen the food truck, formerly called Mochas to Go, at festivals around town--it's the trailer at Fourth and Nicollet with the stereo built into the side. Here's what you'll find there:

Michelle Bruch
Co-owner Carlos Garcia serves up smoothies and sodas at Fourth Street and Nicollet Mall.
The pulled pork comes courtesy of Darby O'Ragen's, the successor to JJ's Dry Dock in the Warehouse District. Co-owner Carlos Garcia says the menu will expand in the future. At the moment, you'll find espresso drinks, Mexican cocoa, nachos and a "Dirty Dog" with melted cheese, jalapenos, Darby's barbecue sauce and a choice of pulled pork or chicken.

The owners are envisioning a line of soups in the winter to warm passersby, along with spring rolls, garlic roast beef, and limeades. They're also interested in teaming with bike messengers to do deliveries.

The Cruz'n Café is open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Garcia says customers should watch for hours to stretch until midnight on Saturday nights in the future.

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