Grecco's and Roman Anthony's crib sheet

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Kris Drake
Get the lobster gnocchi at Roman Anthony's--or try it DIY at home.
Here's a quick recap of this week's Dish column on Grecco's and Roman Anthony's, with the essentials of what you need to know when you go:

Who should go: Anyone looking for east metro eats, or making a road trip to the Taylor's Falls area.

What to order: The Arancina Fried Risotto Cakes, the lobster gnocchi, the osso bucco, and the grilled sardines at Roman Anthony's; the $35, four-course tasting menu at Grecco's.

What to skip:
The tableside Caesar at Roman Anthony's is a fun production, but if you don't like it dressed with balsamic vinegar, you'll probably just want to watch it being made for someone else.

Where to sit: The deck at Grecco's or, in bad weather, a seat in the back room where you can watch the action in the kitchen.

When to go: If you want to hit Grecco's, go before August 28, so you can catch the Festival Theater's production of Proof before it closes.

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Grecco's on the Saint Croix

115 N. Washington St., St. Croix Falls, MN

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