Lucia's vs. Turtle Bread in a peach-blackberry pie fight

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Lisa Gulya
Now that stone fruit season is in full swing, we here at the Hot Dish decided it was time to indulge in some peach pie. We pitted Lucia's To Go against Turtle Bread Company to find the most fragrant fruit and the flakiest crust. Read on to find out which restaurant emerged from the battle unbruised.

Turtle Bread Company
Turtle Bread sells peach-blackberry pie all summer long, for $4.95 a slice. The day we stopped by, the pie might have spent a few minutes too long in the oven, since the crust was browned and breadier than a good pie crust should be. The peach slices, which had turned purplish-blue from the blackberries, were too big for a single bite and lacked the intense flavor we had hoped for.

Lisa Gulya

A slice of Lucia's peach-blackberry pie cost $4.95 too. The difference in flavor and color, however, was remarkable. Lucia's managed to cook their bite-sized peach chunks to perfection, tender but not mushy, while keeping them from turning purple from the blackberries. The crust was flaky and sweet, the peaches perfumed.

Lisa Gulya
The winner: We give this one to Lucia's, with the caveat that you probably will not find this exact pie when you stop in, since its menu changes often. Last week it had the peach-blackberry pie, this week a plum pie, and next week they should have a peach tart, one of their To Go employees said.

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Lucia's Restaurant and Wine Bar

1432 W. 31st St., Minneapolis, MN

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