Outstanding in the Field farm dinner: a photo gallery

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Food can't get any fresher
Farm dinners are all the rage in Minnesota and across the country this year, and with more and more people focusing on regional fresh ingredients, it's no wonder why. Sitting at a table with 149 other members of the community, along with the farmers who have devoted their blood, sweat, and tears to bringing the food on the table, surrounded by the pasture that fed the food on the table: It's the very definition of being intimate with your food.

On Saturday I attended my second Outstanding In the Field, a now international "roving culinary adventure" that has a mission statement to "reconnect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it."

Signs to Outstanding in the Field from the road
The event starts off with a cocktail hour, allowing guest to sip on locally distilled libations paired with chef Mike Phillips's handmade charcuterie, followed by a tour of the farm to even further connect diners with their dinner.

MN-grown Parallel 45 vodka mixed with fruit and prosecco for an aperitif

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