Taco Party now open in West St. Paul

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In case your tacos aren't fun: Taco Party
If you've been feeling like tacos just aren't as "fun" as you wish they were, check out Taco Party, in the former El Comal, in the Twin Cities' taco mecca of West St. Paul.

The Pi Press reports that it's a build-your own setup with a choice of tortilla (flour or corn), style (Americano with sour cream or Mexican with cilantro), and meat (asada, pastor, carnitas, babacoa, tongue, etc.) There are also taco salads, tortas (sandwiches), quesadillas, and more. Has anybody tried the "halambre Hawaiino," a sort of Hawaiian-style taco topped with fresh pineapple? Verdict?

Taco Party
201 Caesar Chavez St., St. Paul
Open for lunch and dinner daily.

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Taco Party

201 Cesar Chavez St., St. Paul, MN

Category: Restaurant

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