Top 10 sexiest food porn scenes in film

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A man and a woman spooning in "Nine 1/2 Weeks"
Food lovers call it "food porn"--those mouthwatering pictures of meals that are so enticing they can make eating seem like a sexual experience. Those two primal urges--food and sex--have been linked probably since Eve took her first bite of the apple and discovered her carnal appetites. Still, it takes an accomplished filmmaker to make food erotic, whether the scene is overtly sexual or the food itself is sexy. Here are our choices for the Top 10 greatest food porn scenes in the movies.


OK, technically this isn't food porn, and in the context of the movie it's not even very sexy. But it is the unspeakably adorable Meg Ryan, eating lunch in a restaurant, having an orgasm. It makes the cut.

9. TOM JONES (1963)

Roguish ladies' man Tom Jones (Albert Finney) meets a loose woman at a country inn, and they eye each other over a feast of soup, crab, chicken, fruit, and oysters. Then they retire to a room for a little, um, dessert.


There's nothing like a romantic Italian dinner to set the mood for love. Tramp even seduces her with the last meatball. The dog.


Food is as much of a character as the actors in this movie about a woman's unrequited love for a man who married her sister. She discovers that when she cooks, her emotions are imbued in the food. Got to get that recipe for quail in rose petal sauce.

6. CHOCOLAT (2000)

A single mother and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French town that seems scandalized by the sinfulness of her wares. The movie not only shows luscious scenes of chocolate confections, it stars Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, who are eye candy themselves.

5. BIG NIGHT (1996)

Two brothers from Italy (Stanley Tucci and Tony Shaloub) open a restaurant in America, but despite their superb food, the restaurant is failing. Their one last hope is to showcase their cooking at a big benefit, headlined by a famous jazz musician, where they will pull out all the stops in one spectacular foodie orgy--but first they stage a dress rehearsal for their friends.

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