Top 5 best uses of beer cans for International Canned Beer Month

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Mmmmm, beer.
​In honor of August being International Canned Beer Month (ICBM), we wanted to not only celebrate beer but also the beer can, and decided to highlight its many uses with a Top 5 list. Here are a few favorites. Share your ideas in comments.
1. Beer can wind chimes
Beer can spinners or chimes are not only lovely, but a marvel of recycling ingenuity. They also make nice Christmas tree ornaments.

2. Beer can hat
Perfect for grannies and DIYers to create, and serious partiers to wear. Here's how to make one. And let us not forget the baseball hat that you can drink beer from.

3. Beer can wallpaper
Do you have a room that could use a little pizazz? Why just have regular wall coverings when you could celebrate your love of beer and design simultaneously? Beer-can wallpaper--because you drink lots of beer and watch lots of Bob Vila.

4. Beer can chicken
Sometimes called beer-in-the-butt chicken, this cooking method creates incredibly moist and delicious chicken, perfect for the summer grilling season. And the headless chicken always looks so proud when perched atop his or her beer can throne.

5. Beer can pyramid
You know what happens when the ladies leave town and the boys have the house to themselves--beer can pyramids. Because why put cans in the recycling bin when a marvel of balance and patience can be created and gazed upon with drunk pride.

OK, so that was five, but because beer cans usually come in sixes, here's a bonus--and it may be the best use of the beer can ever...

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