Big E is CJ's gossip column

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The last place you want your name to show up: CJ's column.
I wish I were telling you that Big E had resurfaced in a new kitchen, serving up his killer neo-soul fare. Unfortunately, the latest news with E has to do with his name coming up in CJ's StarTribune gossip column.

Russ King, of the now-defunct band New Congress, and Stephanie Devine-King, who was a singer and manager of the group, got married at Bunker's on September 11 and told CJ that their caterer, Eric Austin--a.k.a. Big E--arrived so late they were forced to go pick up dinner from Famous Dave's and Lunds.

The parties dispute the timing: the newlyweds say they told E to arrive between 4 and 6 p.m., while E maintains they told him to bring it around 7-ish. When the caterer showed up a little after 8, he and the groom apparently exchanged a few harsh words in the parking lot. Guests did eventually get jambalaya and wings to supplement their Famous Dave's barbecue.

Sounds like both parties should have had an agreement in writing. Bummer that the snafu mucked up the King's special day, but is this really what amounts to gossip in this town?


Big E

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