Remodeler uncovers vintage booze stash in Minneapolis home

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Darin Back
How long does liquor last, anyway?
An air-conditioning installer recently uncovered an interesting stash amid the third-story duct work of a 110-year-old Lowry Hill home: four cases of pre-Prohibition booze.

The Star Tribune reported that the cases contained 15 jugs and 30 bottles of liquor, including gin, cognac, Scotch whiskey, Jamaican rum, French brandy, vermouth, and medicinal stomach bitters, made by John Walker & Sons and John Dewar & Sons, among other distillers. While homeowner Mary Shanesy says she's eager to try the cognac and brandy, she has handed the hooch over to the Hennepin History Museum in Minneapolis in the hopes of tracking down the booze's backstory.

Beer can collecting, which was all the rage back in the '70s, has lately fallen out of fashion, but perhaps the current retro cocktail revival will bring with it an increase in collecting vintage spirits such as those pictured here with Dean Phillips, of Phillips distilling.

Anybody have a bottle collection that rivals Shanesys? If so, how did you amass it?

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