Crispin Lansdowne Cider at Kieran's--like autumn in a glass

crispin lansdowne
Refreshing as a cool autumn day.
Crispin's Lansdowne Cider

Kieran's Irish Pub
330 Second Avenue S., Minneapolis,

Just as the cool breezes bring the beautiful melancholy of summers end, Crispin has created the perfect drink for autumn. In a mad science experiment blending the crafts of beer and cider making, Minneapolis-based Crispin, purveyors of fine organic ciders, have created Lansdowne by fermenting cider with Irish stout yeast and organic molasses. The recipe gives the cider substance and depth, while remaining sweet and crisp. Poured over ice, the color is a rich amber, and the texture is buttery smooth, making it deliciously drinkable. Kieran's recently premiered Lansdowne, and sitting in the warm and boisterous pub in its new Block E space, sharing a 22-ounce bottle of this fine creation, makes for a perfect moment of contentment.

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Kieran's Irish Pub

85 6th St. N, Minneapolis, MN

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