Fair Food Fight crop mob invades Trout Brook Vineyard this Saturday

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Grapes for the picking
Fair Food Fight hosts what will be its sixth and final crop mob of the year at Trout Brook Vineyard this Saturday. Mobbers will pick grapes at the Hudson farm and then follow the cold-hardy fruits to the Northern Vineyards Winery in Stillwater, the retail arm of the Minnesota Winegrowers Cooperative. There, the harvest will be combined with grapes from other local farmers to begin the process of creating wine. No doubt some stomping and tasting will take place as well.

This event came about in part because of Facebook, as Jill Livingston from Trout Brook Vineyards found Fair Food Fight through the social networking site. Barth Anderson, FFF's lead blogger, says the crop mobs have "turned out to be an excellent way for people to meet local farmers and see what they actually do day to day." The vineyard will provide lunch to all intrepid grape pickers who brave the wilds of Hudson to help the cause. 

Twin Cities Crop Mob at Trout Brook Vineyards
When: Saturday, September 25, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Where: Hudson, Wisconsin, and Stillwater, Minnesota (details at sign-up)

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