French Meadow vs. Leaning Tower: Who's veggie burger is best?

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French Meadow.jpg
Lisa Gulya
French Meadow's veggie burger
A hamburger is straightforward--a hunk of cooked beef on a bun--but a veggie burger is a more malleable thing. A recent episode of Future Food proved it, serving veggie burgers made not just from vegetables but from the sort of vegetables cows eat--a way to have a burger and eat lower on the food chain, too. Since Twin Cities veggie burgers don't get quite that philosophical, we opted to try out a couple of basic veggie burgers. We stopped by the French Meadow Bakery & Cafe and the Leaning Tower of Pizza to find our favorite.

French Meadow
French Meadow serves a $9 veggie burger with a choice of sides--we took the greens. The burger is toothsome and filling, with chive aoili and Swiss cheese to add flavor and moistness.

French Meadow.jpg
Lisa Gulya

Leaning Tower
Leaning Tower serves a veggie burger with salty, soft French fries and peppery and sauce-soaked coleslaw for $7.95. It's unpretentious bar food, and the veggie patty isn't bad--quickly grilled and heavily spiced, with visible chunks of carrot and mushrooms.

French Meadow.jpg
Lisa Gulya

The winner: The French Meadow Bakery burger has our vote, for delivering a balance of flavors plus texture that could satisfy the molars of any carnivore. But if you're just looking for a happy hour or late-night bite, Leaning Tower's burger is a decent option, too.

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French Meadow Bakery & Cafe

2610 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

Category: Restaurant

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