Jimmy Johns workers walk out for wage increase

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"Wages so low, you'll freak!"
Jimmy Johns service wasn't its usual "freaky fast" today as workers staged a brief walk out at nine Minneapolis franchise locations. The workers are forming their own union to demand better wages and working conditions, including consistent scheduling and minimum shift lengths--workers have complained about being scheduled for one-hour shifts--regularly scheduled breaks, and sick days. No word on if the new tattoo policy is being contested, as well.

Even as the union recently pulled out of Murray's steakhouse, many in the foodservice industry are organizing. The Jimmy Johns workers have affiliated themselves with the Industrial Workers of the World labor union, which recently worked to organize Starbucks workers.

The Minneapolis franchise, which owned and operated by Rob and Mike Mullignan or Miklin Enterprises, Inc., pays the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr and offers no benefits for non-managers. Union members estimate that the owners of Miklin, Inc. made an annual profit of at least $2.3 million last year and with expansion plans in the works--Miklin plans to open four new locations--workers want a bigger share of the pie.

Service at the Jimmy John's at 9th Street in downtown Minneapolis is currently functioning as usual, except with a worker out front passing out fliers about the union and upcoming events, including a press conference/negotiation between a committee of Jimmy Johns workers and the Mulligans at the franchise's Block E office at 4:00pm today, a 'Bike Against the Boss' ride starting at 5 p.m. on Saturday in Loring Park, and a Labor Day rally at University and Pleasant at 3 p.m.

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