Local brewers pick their favorite beers

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Local brewers on what they like to drink!
​We covered many aspects of the local beer scene in our recent cover story, but inevitably some things get left on the cutting room floor. One thing that didn't make it into the article is a big one: what the beermakers themselves drink (when they're not drinking their own brews, of course).

Read on for some local beer picks from the brewers at Fulton Beer, 612 Brew and Harriet Brewing.

Fulton Beer recommends:

Fulton's The Libertine -- Our malt-forward red ale coming out next month

Surly Cynic -- probably our favorite Saison

Liftbridge Chestnut Hill (Especially if you can find it in a firkin)

612 Brew recommends (Along with their own beers "SIX", "Mary Ann" and "Zero Hour"):

Schell's Firebrick

Surly Bender

Harriet Brewing recommends some good local cold weather brews:

Surly Darkness

Barley John's Old 8 Porter

New Glarus Old English Porter (Or anything in their "Unplugged" series)*

*Technically, this is a Wisconsin beer, but we'll let it slide.

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