Pittsburgh Blue hosting a tequila dinner

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Tequila does four-courses in Maple Grove.
We don't normally come across events we think are worthy of telling Minneapolitans or St. Paulites to haul out beyond the beltine, but here's a reason to get yourself to Maple Grove: Pittsburgh Blue's tequila dinner on Tuesday, October 5.

If you've hit up your share of wine and beer dinners, this one is designed to get you to think beyond the margarita. Not that there's anything wrong with margaritas--that's the first sipper in the evening's four-course meal, paired with goat cheese enchiladas.

But the dinner will also introduce participants to tequila drinks involving tomatoes, cilantro, and hot sauce, or drambuie and soda. There will be sweet potato soup, braised brisket with ancho anejo glaze, and, for dessert, cinnamon-sugar churros paired with a chili/chocolate/coffee tequila beverage. Cost is $70, plus tax and tip, and may be reserved with a credit card by calling 763.416.2663.

Location Info

Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse

11900 Main St. N., Maple Grove, MN

Category: Restaurant

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