Poor Richard's Commonhouse replaces Majors in Bloomington

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Majors reboots as Poor Richards
Just a week ago, the Bloomington location of local mini-chain Majors Sports Cafe closed down. Next week, on September 8, it'll reopen as Poor Richard's Commonhouse, a colonial American-themed pub. The similar-sounding tavern, or "commonhouse" concept has done well in St. Louis Park's McCoy's Public House, so there's no reason to think it won't go over with Bloomintonites--especially when they've got Ronnie from MTV's Jersey Shore scheduled to visit on Saturday, September 18!

Poor Richards is a concept of the Premier restaurant group, which operates all the Majors restaurants, Stella's Fish Cafe, and Molly Cool's, plus a few other bar & grilles in the suburbs and a couple other restaurants around the country.

Poor Richard's Commonhouse
8301 Normandale Blvd.

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