Riverbend CSA: a weekly share in photos

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Kate N.G. Sommers
Delicata, the first of the winter squash

Now that the weather has cooled I think it's good to show folks what's still popping up in my CSA box. Technically it isn't fall quite yet, and there are still a few lingering summer vegetables showing up week after week, with winter squash just beginning to show it's face.

Kate N.G. Sommers
Yellow Zucchini

There are many jokes about people trying to pawn off their zucchini on unsuspecting neighbors at the end of summer, but I can't get enough of them. This yellow variety has microscopic seeds and retains a sweet flavor every way you prepare them, from grilled to sauteed with garlic and butter, with a good coating of freshly grated Parmesan right before eating.

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