Tangletown Gardens farm now offers CSA shares, produce, and pickles

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The garden store gets into the pickling business.
If you haven't visited the south Minneapolis garden store Tangletown Gardens recently, the place is worth a second look. In addition to selling plants, Tangletown expanded its offerings to sell CSA shares from its farm near Plato, Minnesota (you can already sign up for a 2011 share!), a cooler full of the same seasonal produce for retail sale, and preserved foods made with the surplus.

Tangetown is offering a large selection of its pickled products and preserves for sale at the new Bars Bakery in St. Paul. The Hot Dish picked up a pint of dill pickles ($7.50--ouch!) and found the texture a little wanting--we like 'em extra crisp--but liked their dill/garlic flavors and extra pinch of heat.

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Tangletown Gardens

5353 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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