The best thing I ate this week

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Treating yourself to chicken tikka.
What would I have to do to get a little tandoor in my kitchen, to supplement the workhorse Caloric? I could cook up skewered meats and puffy disks of hand-patted naan, while warming up the whole house with the oven's 900-degree heat. Or, I suppose, I could just go back to this new Minnetonka eatery for an order of its chicken tikka.

Bukhara Indian Bistro, which replaced the former Istanbul Bistro on Wayzata Boulevard, does a bang-up job with its tandoor kebbabs. Each bite of tender chicken tikka has a lovely sour tang from its yogurt marinade, a bit of Indian spice, and a delicate, smoky char. It should soon become a takeout favorite of all the 394 commuters.

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