Top 5 Minneapolis street eats

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Head to the streets for some Brotherly love.
This week's Dish column investigates the new street eats in downtown Minneapolis: goat curry, Ethiopian coffee, pulled pork sandwiches, homemade lemon-ginger sodas, and more.

We ate our way through the new carts' offerings to bring you the five best dishes. (Click the link to the column above to find out how to track the vendors down.)

5. Turkey to Go's turkey drumstick
Extend Minnesota State Fair season by stopping at Turkey to Go for a turkey sandwich or, if you want to go all caveman, this monstrous turkey drumstick. We like to top the meat with the cart's three-sauce mix (kind of like the soda fountain "suicide" blend we used to make as kids).

4. Brother's Deli's pastrami on rye
Brother's does deli food so right you'd think it came from within the hallowed walls of some 100-year old East Coast institution. This blurry shot--did we get mustard on the lens or something?--is of the pastrami, but we also dig the corned beef and the Korean bulgogi.

3. She Royal's Ethiopian chicken and rice
She Royal's chicken and rice is fragrant with spice and generous enough to feed two--and the cart is the only spot downtown to get your hands on Ethiopian food. After a recent okay from the city, the cart will move from its more out-of-the-way spot by the A-Ramp to a more easily accessible one at 7th and Nicollet by next Monday, September 20th.

2. Smack Shack's lobster roll
If you wake up on the sidewalk after passing out from too much partying at the Fine Line here's how you're going to revive yourself: a Smack Shack lobster roll. Josh Thoma takes his fine-dining mojo and applies it to the seaboard sandwich with great success. The toast is soft and buttery, the lobster meaty and fresh, adorned with just enough sauce to enhance, but not mask its star. Squint hard enough at the truck and umbrella topped tables in the parking lot and you might imagine yourself in Montauk.

1. World Street Kitchen's salted caramel ice cream sandwich
We love anything salted caramel, and the ice cream from WSK seems even more intense--richer, saltier, more caramelized--than the usual stuff. It's tucked between two wafer-thin chocolate discs that add just a bit of structure and balance. With Saffron chef Sameh Wadi's fare now available at everyday prices, we couldn't be happier.

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