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Baby got Shack!!!
This week's Dish column takes a look at street eats in St. Paul. In a quest to find the best, we downed all manner of veggie burritos, sweet corn fritters, Reuben bratwurst, pineapple sno-cones, and more.

Here are the top five dishes we found in St. Paul. (Click the link to the column above to find out how to track the vendors down.)

Megan Thompson
5. Chef Shack Indian-spiced mini donuts
We've traced the origins of the Twin Cities' Street Food Renaissance of 2010 back to this sweet, fried treat that Carrie Summer offered at her Urban Donut stand at the Mill City Farmers Market three summers ago. From there, Summer and her partner Lisa Carlson launched Chef Shack, which now runs three mobile stands at locations around the metro and serves these cardamom- and cinnamon-laced goodies alongside a whole slew of other dishes. We love the little loops so much we're considering dressing up as one for the food truck Halloween party. [Note: Chef Shack does double duty in both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.]

Megan Thompson
4. Chef Shack's sweet potato tacos
The sweet potato tacos--new among this year's Shack offerings--are a meat-free snack that stack up against any carnitas or barbacoa. We had the pureed potatoes in flour tortillas with black beans and red cabbage slaw. They're super filling and tasty--and healthy enough that you can still splurge on mini donuts.

3. Fork in the Road's shrimp and orzo salad
This pasta salad is a healthy, summery option from the bright orange truck parked alongside Mears Park. Lots of fresh herbs (bring on the dill) give it a Greek bent.

2. Meritage's ham and cheese crepe
This savory snack rivals any you'll find in Paris. Plus, watching the crepe-making in action--pouring the batter onto the griddle, spreading it in a circle, deftly flipping, filling, and folding it--adds to the fun.

1. 128 Mobile Cafe's Baby Back Ribs
One of our favorite dishes from 128 Cafe can now be found in a smaller portion, at a cheaper price, during lunch, and in a more convenient location. What could be better? Certainly not the recipe for the Twin Cities best ribs.

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