Top 5 uses for beer--other than drinking it

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A beer bottle bonanza.
With this week's feature by Jeremy Zoss on our region's craft-brewing renaissance, we started thinking about all the ways beer makes our lives better. While just drinking it ice cold is the ideal use, we had a few other ideas we wanted to share. Here are our Top 5 uses for beer, other than drinking it:
Wisconsin Beer Soap four-pack.

5. Soap

What could say fresh and clean more than smelling of stout? Made with all sorts of fine ingredients like honey, vitamin E, and coconut oil, beer soap lets you lather up using your favorite kind of suds. If you are a DIYer, you can use your soap with this simple recipe for beer shampoo.

Beer you can carry in your pocket. Once it cools down, that is.

4. Appetizers

As we reported during State Fair season, a Texas man recently devised an ingenious way to make beer simultaneously a beverage and a snack by frying it inside a pretzel-like shell with a liquid beer filling--while somehow retaining the alcohol content. The result looking very similar to ravioli. Try serving them with ... beer.

Like Martha Stewart, only drunker.

3. Home furnishings

Why be wasteful of those bottles, cans, and caps when there are so many DIY projects ready for you to tackle. We especially liked this beer chandelier, although these beer bottle shelves were also very nice--the perfect place for your beer bottle collection.

Thumbnail image for Sebastian Joe's.jpg
Michelle Bruch
Surly Bender ice cream at Sebastian Joe's.
2. Ice cream

This summer Sebastian Joe's combined two awesome forces when it added Surly Bender to its luscious ice cream--a natural fit with Bender's nuttiness complementing the creamy confections. Guinness is also a popular addition to ice cream, although some people find the rich dark stout  a bit overpowering.
It doesn't get much greener than this.

1. Energy

In the Quqiao village of China, one man built his own solar-powered water heater out of old bottles. He says the setup heats up enough water for his family of three to each take a daily shower. His rooftop system is made from 66 connected bottles. The sun heats water traveling through the bottles, which are linked to a pipe in his bathroom.

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