World Street Kitchen: Better late than never for newest food truck

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Michelle Bruch
World Street Kitchen finally opened this fall.
The meatball subs at World Street Kitchen are nothing new to friends of chef Sameh Wadi. At Saffron, the downtown restaurant he's operated for the past three-and-a-half years, meatballs are a popular snack for the waitstaff when they are hungry.

The same is true for the tacos and bahn mi--that's what he cooks for his family. It was only recently that he realized how good they were.

Meatballs and tacos aren't exactly a merry pairing, and they're not meant to be. The menu at World Street Kitchen is a collection of international styles.

Michelle Bruch
Chef Sameh Wadi hasn't driven the truck yet, but he's pretty sure it shouldn't have taken his brother two weeks to drive it here from Florida.
"I wanted to represent street food that is truly from all over the world," Wadi says.

The food cart, which is right off the light rail stop at Fifth and Nicollet, sells Mexican corn-on-the-cob with lime mayo, cotija cheese, and house-made chili powder. The bahn mi is a Vietnamese and French hybrid. The kofta meatball subs are a nod to the Middle East.

Most of the menu isn't borrowed from the restaurant, with the exception of pita dips such as hummus, eggplant, lentil, and spicy feta.

"I'm trying to do everything really well," Wadi says.

Wadi's brother Saed was bummed when he finally perfected the recipe for a new ice cream sandwich. Sameh spent three months retooling the recipe over and over again, dishing out samples to the family.

The salted caramel ice cream sandwich was the end of the line.

"I said [to my brother] this is it, I'm not going to make anymore," Wadi says. "Now you have to pay for them."

The Wadis know that the weather is working against them, but they plan to keep the truck open as long as possible. They tweet religiously at eatwsk1, alerting customers when they're sold out for the day and when they have specials--such as free ice cream for the first people to guess Wadi's age.

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