Amu's Madras Cafe now open, brings back Udupi crew

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Indian food is back in the former home of Nala Pak!
The "open" sign is lit once more at 4920 Central Ave. in Columbia Heights, former home of the famed Indian eateries Nala Pak, and, before that, Udupi. This time, the new joint, Amu's Madras Cafe, has an antithetical neighbor: Sonic.

The building is as ugly as ever: dark, spartan, and in need of freshening up, but there's reason to be hopeful about the food. Amu's Madras Cafe is, in fact, run by several former Udupi employees, including the head chef, and the menu will offer a similar selection of south Indian vegetarian fare including many versions of dosai (crisp, savory crepes), curry, and more--with everything priced around $10 a meal. Bring on the poori and batura!

Amu's Madras Cafe
4920 Central Ave. NE
Columbia Heights

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