Bar La Grassa: a photo tour

Kate N.G. Sommers

Bar La Grassa has been one of the most heralded restaurants in town recently. We stopped by this week to indulge, trying 10 items off the dinner menu alone, not to mention dessert and drinks.

First up was the plate of prosciutto. Not enough was it to serve outrageously tender pieces of prosciutto alone: the chefs here have shaved cold butter as a sinful accompaniment to make the paper thin antipasto go down like silk.

Kate N.G. Sommers

Up next were a variety of bruschette. Planning on the foie gras tortellini for the pasta course, we ordered the white anchovy and avocado bruschetta. The brininess of the anchovies melded well with the sweet and buttery avocado, but the dish could so easily be made at home it almost didn't seem worth our while. More in my wheelhouse was the bite or two I had of my dining companions' foie gras, sprinkled with pistachios and pepper. I may just return weekly to get my fix of this sensual app.
Kate N.G. Sommers

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Bar La Grassa

800 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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