Brothers Deli street cart is one of the first to arrive, last to leave this season

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Michelle Bruch
Brothers Deli is a fixture on the mall. Staff aren't afraid to wait out a little rain.
The Brothers Deli street cart has been rained out only a couple of times in nine weeks, so you can count on it to stay outdoors as long as the weather holds out.

Brothers Deli is one of the few street carts that won't disappear with the sun.

The restaurant is a bit of a skyway hike for most downtown workers, but you can find it at 50 South Sixth across the hall from Chipotle--the building connects to City Center and Gaviidae II.

Owner Jeff Burstein lobbied for the new food carts downtown, and his cart at Eighth and Nicollet was one of the first the city approved. Here's what you'll find:

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Michelle Bruch
All the sandwiches at Brothers Deli are made to order.
"We wanted another location to add to our business," Burstein says. "In the summertime, a lot of people are outside. ... This does add to the vibrancy."

Pre-made sandwiches are unheard of at Brothers. Everything is made to order, including the corned beef pastrami and spicy bulgogi. The cart opens as early as 9:30 a.m. so workers can pick up a sandwich to eat later at their desks.

Burstein recommends the knishes--the seasoned potatoes baked in pastry shells.
"It's a typical New York street food," he says.

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Brothers Delicatessen

50 S. 6th St., Minneapolis, MN

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