DIY Halloween costumes for foodies

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Ok, procrastinating foodies: It's way too late to order this Chinese takeout pinup gal online.

You've got just three days to assemble something yourself, but fortunately, The Hot Dish is here to help. Here are 5 easy food-themed costumes that you can make at home, or use as inspiration for other edible party wear.

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The website appears to have the largest collection of DIY food-themed costumes. The Hot Dish especially dug this super simple (and cheap) Franzia box made by enlarging the graphics from the boxed wine and pasting them on an adult-size box. As an added bonus, you get to drink the wine, or provided you figure out how to build the real box into your costume, dispense it to your friends! (Also, check out this presh kid dressed as a cellophane-wrapped hard candy.)

Sushi halloween costume.jpg
Michelle from and her gal-pals dressed up as super-cute sushi. Wear an all-white outfit for the rice, then add a fish or egg colored pillow, tied on with a piece of green fabric to represent the nori band.

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