Salut's Summit Hill Sidecar, an autumn drink of the week

summit sidecar
Summit Hill Sidecar
Summit Hill Sidecar

Salut Bar Americain
917 Grand Ave., St Paul

Since we are easing into the chillier days, we naturally seek warmer drinks, leading to many of the amber spirits that often get ignored in the summer. This take on the vintage sidecar cocktail has many elements that make it appealing--made with Remy Martin cognac (rather than brandy, which is seen more often), Cointreau, and lemon juice, the notes of citrus nicely mellow out the cognac, while allowing you to still taste the oak, vanilla, and grape notes. This is a good starter cocktail for those who usually fear the ambers--simple and nicely balanced. Although, ours was served on the rocks, up is usually a better way to go so your drink doesn't get watered down--a request Salut's friendly barkeeps will be happy to accommodate.

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Salut Bar Americain

917 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN

Category: Music

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