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Look deep into my olives and tell me what you see
When Dan Esrig graduated with a degree in geography from Macalester College last year, he realized what he wanted was in his own back yard.  He wanted to open a sandwich spot that would serve the student's need for late night, affordable food options.  On September 1, he opened the appropriately named  Grand Sandwich on Grand Avenue 

Offering deli meats on fresh bread, dressed up with homemade spreads, soups, and sides,  the entire menu is available for delivery as of this week. Sandwiches come cold or panini pressed with omnivorous and vegetarian offerings.  Delivery area is from the Mississippi River to 94, Lexington over to Ford Parkway, covering Highland Park, Mac/Groveland, and the Merriam Park neighborhoods. Prices start out at $4.75 and top out at $6.95.

But, you may ask, how is the food?

On a recent visit we sampled the Sweet & Spicy Rachel and the
Cantankerous beef.  Each could be a date-night deterrent for the timid,
packing a powerful flavor punch that lingers. The turkey was thin
sliced, coated with pepper, piled on fresh rye, slathered with kraut, a
spicy sweet mustard sauce, gooey Swiss cheese, banana peppers, and some
superfluous onion: spicy, messy, and tasty. 

The beef was also a palate wallop, with thin-sliced meat, not unlike what you can find at your local megamart,
dripping with grilled peppers, banana peppers, onions, sweet BBQ sauce, and
gooey pepperjack cheese on an onion-studded Kaiser roll. Not a
sandwich to attempt if trying to multitask. Do not drive or play cards
with this guy--he requires your full attention.

While not revolutionary, these are seriously filling and perfectly respectable eats that would be great fuel for an all-night study session or a killer antidote to the munchies.

Open until midnight every day, Grand Sandwich is already expanding its menu and
website to soon include online ordering.

1672 Grand Avenue, St. Paul

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