Is Velveeta Fudge as disgusting as it sounds?

Velveeta Fudge and snow.jpg
Velveeta Fudge inside; snow outside
Well, apparently the weekend snowstorm brought on some cabin fever. And so, in a fit of deep Americana-inspired food bravery, the Hot Dish decided to take one for the team and solve a longtime mystery of treat-making. With a view to a snow drift, we did the unthinkable and made a batch of Velveeta Fudge. Our investigation answered this burning question--is the recipe really as disgusting as it sounds? Or did we find the orange-wonder cheese product to be a simple way to make a crowd-pleasing candy?

Velveeta Fudge has many fans (like Paula Deen and Texas Bob's Chuck Wagon) and variations, but the Hot Dish was quite official about the whole operation. We made the recipe as is on the Kraft website. The recipe, our heartfelt cheesy and fudgy experiences, and our verdict on the edibility rating of this chocolate snack are to follow.

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