Jimmy Johns' union wants holiday pay

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Jimmy John's workers want holiday pay for working Christmas eve.
The workers at Minneapolis Jimmy John's franchises may have lost their drive for a federally recognized union, but that doesn't mean they're done making demands.

Today members of the union announced a new campaign, demanding time-and-a-half pay for employees working Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, as well as on national holidays.

Off-duty employees stood outside several locations today asking customers to sign "holiday cards" urging the franchise owners to agree to the request. Union spokesman Micah Buckley-Farlee, a bicycle delivery driver at the Dinkytown location, said they collected several hundred signatures.

Union members intend to deliver the cards to franchise owners Rob and Mike Mulligan this Thursday.

"We lost the vote, but that isn't going to stop us from acting like a union," Buckley-Farlee said.

The union is still contesting the outcome the election, which it lost by two votes. It has filed a challenge with the National Labor Relations Board alleging more than 30 labor rights violations.

The board is expected to rule on the challenge this week, according NLRB regional director Marlin Osthus.

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