Restaurant closings of 2010--some we'll miss, others we won't

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May these restaurants Roast In Peace.
This past year saw the closure of many restaurants we'll miss--and others we won't. We've compiled both lists here:

Most Regrettable Restaurant Closings of 2010

• Pak Zam Zam
We'll miss the chapli kabab, chicken biryani, and the best dal in town.
• The Boxcar
Those ribs...sigh.
• Bibo
The Marchionda family created Bibo as a middle-ground between their casual Buon Giorno and more formal I Nonni. Now where are we going to get mozzarella en carozza?
• Armatage Room
Loved the hip, homey space and the wine bar snacks. Looking forward to seeing what Don Saunders has done with the place at his new In Season.
• Da Afghan
One of the few spots in town for Afghani food--and hospitality.
• Subo
The Twin Cities only Filipino joint had a lot going for it--the coconut drinks! the whole fish! Now Tim Niver and co. have Americanized the space with The Inn.

And a few we won't necessarily miss...

• Laredo's Tex-West Cantina
This space seems to be a restaurant killer, between Mojito's and Brix and ho-hum Tex-Mex that never made much of an impression.
• Stacatto
This tucked away spot was perhaps too tucked away, for everyone except Orchestra Hall-goers.
• Zake
Another cursed restaurant space took out this unremarkable sushi spot. Thom Pham's Azian Kitchen seems to be a better fit.
• LoTo
LoTo was too scattered a concept for consistent execution, but David Fhima's redo, called Faces, made improvements to the former mistakes.
• L'Ecosse
Bland Scottish food served in a bland space was too odd for 48th and Chicago. Town Hall Tap's beers and burgers replicates the success of Adrian's next door.
• Sauce Pizza & WIne
After forcing Lyn-Lake's Sauce Soundbar to change its name to Cause--that way they could keep the cool letters from the original sign--the nondescript Sauce Pizza & Wine shuttered a few months after it opened. Was karma at play?

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