The Hot Dish's top 10 most popular posts of 2010

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This year's most-read posts. Drumroll, please...
The Hot Dish has racked up a lot of readers this past year, folks who were curious to find out about what might posses a man to eat only Chipotle burritos for a week straight or what not to eat on a first date.

From jinxed restaurant locations to Randy Moss's hijinks, check out our 10 most popular posts of 2010:

10. Diner reports finding crude oil in Gulf oyster

9. Minneapolis's 5 most jinxed restaurant locations

8. Randy Moss's biggest sin: Dissing the Vikings buffet

7. Wisconsin homeless man Nathan J. Kittoe dines on park geese

6. Top 8 Most Disgusting Competitive Eaters

5. St. Paul Summer Beer Fest: save the date

4. Now Open: Zake

3. I'll have the Wikipedia, please

2. Local man attempts to eat only Chipotle burritos for a week straight

1. Top 10 foods you should never eat on a first date

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