At Sweets Bakeshop, school's in session

Sweets Bakeshop
Edible art or fashion victim turned cupcake?
​​There's not much chance that we can ever master the St. Paul bakery's Lady Gaga cupcakes, but Sweets Bakeshop owners Ly Lo and Krista Steinbach are willing to give all of us novice bakers and Martha Stewart wannabes a peek into their confectionery design process.

Don't know the difference between fondant and frosting? Don't worry, you'll learn everything you need to know at the the Marshall Avenue shop's School of Sweets.

Tap into your inner Sylvia Weinstock during any of Sweets' recently launched, instructional cupcake design seminars. Even if you've never worked with fondant before, you'll be able to re-create the shop's signature ribbon and bow cupcakes after the two-hour January 26 session. 

sweets bakeshop ribbon cupcakes.png
Sweets Bakeshop
Ribboned cupcakes make the best presents.
​​A $50 advanced payment will reserve your spot, along with four cupcakes and all the fondant you need to complete your edible project. 

school of sweets.jpg
Sweets Bakeshop
December's students get down to the delicious task at hand.
Still not convinced that Lo and Steinbach's direction can overcome your less than stellar decorating skills? Just check out the finished works of their most recent students. 
school of sweets students.png
Sweets Bakeshop
It's show and tell time at the School of Sweets.
Already a fondant bow-making master? Sign up for the February session when the bakers will teach you their fondant flower and Valentine's cupcake techniques. Call 651.340.7138 to sign up for either of Sweets' two upcoming School of Sweets sessions to hone your fondant styling prowess.

2042 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul

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