It's Chocolate Cake Day! Here's where to get some of the best in town

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Cafe Latte cake 2.jpg
Cafe Latte
Celebrate with a big slice
If you haven't heard, today is officially Chocolate Cake Day--and that's all the excuse you need to celebrate with a little sweet, cakey cocoa consumption. We don't recommend tackling an entire cake on your own, but there's no harm in jumping on the bandwagon with a slice from one of these local goodies.

Here are a few suggestions of where to find some truly amazing chocolate cakes in the Twin Cities area. And they'll work just as well for a Valentine's Day dinner.


Franklin Street Bakery offers two chocolate varieties.

Franklin Bakery cakes.png
Franklin Street Bakery
Milk chocolate or white chocolate? Yes, please!

The Ancho Diablo (left) is chocolate layer cake frosted with chocolate
ancho buttercream and enrobed in bittersweet chocolate ganache. If
that's a little too much milk chocolate for you, try the Bailey's
Chocolate Cake. This triple-layer cake is filled with Bailey's white
chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate shavings.

Suburbs: Richfield

For even more variety, visit Patrick's Bakery & Cafe. The shop carriess several chocolate tortes and cakes, but we've got our eyes on their triple threat.
Patricks Bakery cake.png
Patrick's Bakery & Cafe
A triple chocolate, truffle-topped treat.

The trilogy cake's spongecake center is filled with white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate mousses. As a super sweet bonus, the cake is adorned with white and dark chocolate truffles, which are made in-house.

St. Paul

If you're a true chocolate addict, you don't want any lame white or milk chocolate mucking up your cocoa feast. Cafe Latte's three-layer wonder features nothing but dark chocolate cake and rich fudge frosting.

Cafe Latte cake.png
Cafe Latte
Chocolate lightweights need not apply.

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