"Eat your goddamn vegetables"

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Jamie Oliver encourages kids to be friends with vegetables
If one of your New Year's resolutions is to eat more vegetables, congratulations on making such an important decision. Your committment can improve your health and help you lose weight.

Still, changing eating habits can be difficult, especially when the temperature keeps dropping. While it's all too easy to turn to comfort foods, adding more chopped onions in your meatloaf to increase your vegetable intake doesn't quite cut it.

To get to you over the hump, here are some TV moments guaranteed to get you motivated.

Evidently, strong reinforcement from an authoritative figure helps you to stick to your goal.

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A supportive boss can help you achieve
In the latest episode of "The Office," everyone at Dunder Mifflin tries to exercise their New Year's resolutions. When Kevin struggles to keep his resolution to "eat more vegetables," thoughtful boss Michael comes to his rescue.

It seems that Michelle Obama's healthful eating agenda gained a powerful, if not forceful, ally. The Onion News Network, which premiered on Friday, Jan. 21, presents a clip of an FDA official urging Americans to "just eat a goddamn vegetable once in awhile."

Here's to a healthy and nutritious 2011!

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