Maeve's Cafe plans March opening in Northeast

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Anchor Fish & Chips room.jpg
Anchor Fish & Chips, where Mary Colon works until her restaurant, Maeve's Cafe, opens next door
After six months of paying rent for an empty space, former Audubon Coffee owner Mary Colon says she hopes to open her new Northeast Minneapolis restaurant, Maeve's Cafe, in March.

Maeve's will occupy the corner of 13th Avenue and Third street in Northeast, next door to Anchor Fish & Chips and down the street from Erte and the Modern Cafe.

Late last week Colon announced, "Building permit in hand at last!" to the cafe's 548 fans on Facebook. Colon has been waiting for the city's go-ahead to transform the space, previously a flower shop, into a restaurant. The city's slow pace, Colon says, stems from its cautious interpretation of code after building fires in the past year on Lake Street and in south Minneapolis.

Colon, who ran Audubon Coffee for 15 years, says she is working at Anchor while she waits to open Maeve's. "As you're hemorrhaging money on a place that's not open yet," she says, "it's nice to be earning money."

But even as she contemplates dipping into her 401(k), Colon is determined to see Maeve's open. "I have nine employees waiting for jobs," she says. "It's tough balancing, but I believe in this neighborhood and what I did for 15 years. Plus, I make damn good coffee."
The cafe will serve an eclectic menu of small plates, ethnic dishes, and sandwiches, plus coffee and wine.

300 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis; 612.379.1033

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